z School Force


We have numerous modules in our comprehensive school software to help you in managing essential components. There are distinct modules for administrative, academic planning, student management, and payroll purposes.

Gate Pass

Our school management software's gate pass module offers a method for successfully managing and monitoring the flow of visitors to the institution. Your institution can keep track of every visitor, which aids in preventing the arrival of any unwelcome or unauthorized people on the campus. Knowing the specific visitor's information will be useful if there is a problem with the institution or a student.


Every educational institution requires an effective system to handle fees and revenue. Poor financial management frequently leads to operational issues in schools.

The easiest and safest way to handle payments is through School Force, which also automates the calculation of fees and lowers the possibility of suspicious transactions. Also, staff members can access real-time information on collected and unpaid fees.

Proxy / Attendance

Teachers can easily record attendance using the School Force attendance management system while producing reports with a single click.

Teachers can quickly mark a student's attendance for a half-day or full-day with or without an explanation using the School Force attendance management system. Additionally, it makes it easier to track latecomers and manage staff attendance and absences.


School Force school management software intends to offer users a platform to enhance their student's intellectual talent. Schools may easily manage, monitor, and fulfill daily library operations with the aid of our software in just a few clicks!

The staff can monitor the status of the books, collect fines, and create reports to spot potential needs. It helps to improve the library structure and librarian's effectiveness.

ID Cards

The School Force ID card generator module can create ID cards for students, employees, and guests while requiring the least amount of time and work. ID cards generator module will help to improve the security of the institutions while also enhancing general safety.

So, this ID card generator module helps schools improve data security, reducing errors while being affordable.


With School Force school management software, you can automate and streamline the school management process without sacrificing security. This software has a feature that backs up data automatically, and a centralized database makes it impossible to lose data.

The system is effectively controlled and monitored by role-based access. Get advantage of our selection of trusted services that will best serve schools.

Question Paper

School Force school management software improves the accuracy of question paper creation. Teachers can quickly make questions for their classes that fit the needs of the different subjects.

Teachers can upload several question papers and solutions and make a list of question banks for all the subjects they have been given to teach. It helps teachers organize exams and produce exam materials, including question banks, tables, etc.

Answer Sheet

School Force school management software has powerful analytics capabilities that evaluate students' answer sheets and provide them with a comprehensive insight into their weaknesses. Teachers can also evaluate student performance and take corrective action to enhance it.

This software is a big help for teachers and school administrators who have to spend hours going over answer sheets and making report cards for thousands of students.

Marksheet Sheet

This software has a hybrid marksheet generation method to create offline and online marksheets. Teachers can share the grades for their different subjects from their phones or online. Using the module, the user can generate report cards in bulk.

Schools can record academic progress for future use. By minimizing human participation and automating manual activities, schools can reduce the chances of errors and save a lot of time.

TC Certificate

The School Force software makes it simple to create a student's transfer certificate. This component is intended to create transfer certificates quickly and easily.

This software makes it easier for your institution to do everything, from letting in new students to giving out TC certificates when students finish their studies. Transfer certificates automatically include information about the student, so it's easy to give the certificate on the same day.