z School Force


School Force's extensive features reduce the workload of the institution's staff and streamline its primary functions so that they can work without any hassle.


Our attendance management system keeps clear and transparent data on IN and OUT times (divisionally, periodically, and by class) and leaves management.


According to each department or class, as well as the student's needs, School Force assists with the fee management system.


This feature makes it easy for a school's library to keep track of its thousands of books, textbooks, newspapers, videos, and magazines.


Through the inventory option, the schools can enter inventory data in bulk, making it simple to handle inventory data with only one click.

Academic Record

School Force makes it easy for schools to keep track of students' grades until the end of the school year and handle their day-to-day work.


One of the most important ways to get information to students, teachers, and parents as quickly as possible is through the School Force notification system.